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In February 1995, 2152 Shop of agricultural trade second group was established.

In June 2003, 107 Shop in F1 of agricultural trade was established; and the first Jin S.T. brand boutique in Fujian was presented.

In September 2004, 17-18 Shop in F2, Area E, Lianyuan, Zhongting Street/the first shop of Italian Fabre was opened in Fujian.

In December 2004, Fuzhou Yingda Clothing Co., Ltd. was established.

In July 2006, Jin S.T. autumn and winter new product ordering meeting was held.

In April 2007, the autumn and winter new product ordering meeting of Guangdong Fabre Clothing was held.

In July 2007, Fabre was won the menswear brand which was popular in top ten consumers firstly in Fujian in 2007.

In 2008-2012, the brand monopolized shop subordinate to Yingda Clothing spread all over Fujian through the joint effort of the staff under the leadership of Chairman Yu Wencai and general manager Weng Renfu. The annual sales have broken through billion Yuan.