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Company profile

Brand background
Hong Wei Dier brand clothing was founded in 2008 by the Fujian Wei Dier Trading Co., Ltd. in the mainland operations, is the leading independent retail apparel brands.
Wei Dier Trading Company Ltd. Mr. Yu Man Choi in 2004 and well-known brands LAXDN Laikesidun founder Mr. Wen Hanqing worked together to develop the FABOER Fa Boer men's fashion brand in China.VEIDIER is based on the basis of FABOER build another new light commercial brand, to create a high quality, but very close to the people at reasonable prices as well as the localization of China as the core of men's clothing brand.
Brand origin:International metropolis - Hong Kong
Brand concept:
Wei Dier brand apparel advocating "concerned about the outside world, more concerned about themselves." Fashion philosophy, is one for the urban elite men's colorful lifestyle, integrated into the international trend of the elements, through unique design, excellent quality and reasonable price for the urban elite Men's fashion products offered to meet the individual needs of the urban elite men's image all kinds of occasions, to show the urban elite confident and optimistic, positive and healthy mental outlook of the brand. "Fashion" needs "goods" then and there fashion taste, yet advocate a low-key personality, fashion without losing quality of life.
Brand community
They are born in China's nascent class 70-80, the age of 25-45 years old located, have insisted an independent point of view, the courage to accept the challenge and deemed movements of men, a group of enthusiastic and pursue internationalization, urbanization personal image Customers group, they have a positive, steady sunshine, innovation, excellence attitude to life, respect for freedom, pursuit of pop, fashionably dressed, prominent taste, but not others, and the blind pursuit of fashion avant-garde.Have a good education and upbringing, it is a common feature of this generation. They live in a highly developed information era, the world trend can they discern, for the needs of work and life, and their dress sense and fashion sense, highlighted keywords, elegant and quality, or low-key luxury. Currently as a social elite, they ask themselves in work and life, nope world fashion tide. It is the modern clothing has its own unique feel, to show self-personality style of modern man.
Age: 25 years old -30 years old 10%
30 years old -38 years old 65%  
38 -45 years old 25%
Occupational structure: office workers, advertising media industry Men, IT industry men, freelancers, self-employed, civil servants and so on.
Demand occasions: work, social, daily life environment, freelancers, self-employed, civil servants and so on.
product structure
Light Business Series
(highlight new generation of fashion elite light commercial style) - This style accounts for 70% of total product ratio
   Simple, stylish, easy to ride a style characteristic of this series, the flagship product from: shirts, sweaters, single-West, coats, cotton, down, casual pants, jeans focus on a single product, using superior quality fabrics and neutral colors prominent business class quality and fine details, so the combination of traditional and popular elements, breaking the traditional showing modern fashion business style. With confident, smart, elegant, quality, fashion and high cost for the product theme core culture.
Business casual series (highlight the urban elite business style suits?) - Accounted for 30% of the product of such style total proportion
   Simple, the atmosphere is a style characteristic of this series, the flagship product from: shirts, sweaters, single-West, coats, cotton, down, focusing on a single product slacks, suit class using some texture changes including prominent business class quality wool fabrics and exquisite details, shirt-like high-density branch feel good fabric, with confidence, quality, product theme core cultural atmosphere.
Brand Slogan:your extraodinary gesture